The third stage of viladomy zone construction brings to the Slnečnice location attractive housing in the close vicinity of the park

Cresco Group today opened the sale of apartments in the third stage of construction within the Viladomy zone. This is as yet the most appealing part of the zone, situated in direct contact with the park stretching across 14 100 m2, offering attractive apartments with front yard gardens and generously large balconies and terraces. At the same time, apartments in building A3 of the Mesto zone were also put on sale a few weeks ago. In total the offer concerns 683 apartments, expanding the housing offer in the largest residential project of Bratislava. The success of the project is confirmed by the fact that 20% of all apartments in Bratislava’s new buildings and sold during the first half this year, were apartments right in the Slnečnice area.

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