Sunflowers Above the City– a new view of housing, a new view of the city

Future owners of the new 1,500 flats and 42 apartments in the new Sunflowers Above the City project (*the original Slovak name of the project is "Slnečnice Nad mestom”) will be able to enjoy unique views of Bratislava as well as the proximity of a park. We are launching the sale of the first 165 flats in the largest and highest part of Sunflowers so far. Sunflowers – City Zone will thus grow by five residential high-rise buildings and three lower residential buildings. There will also be open courtyards with greenery where neighbours can spend their free time. Life in Sunflowers will be greener also thanks to the public park, which will be the second park in Sunflowers and with its 29,000 m2 the second largest in Petržalka.

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Temporary address change

We have grown and we need more space. We have decided to refurbish our office space at Poštová 3, so it is just as convenient for us and you, our visitors. Therefore, in the near future you will find us at a temporary address about 300 m away, in the Pallehner Office Building.

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Climate change has an impact on the choice of housing

The developer’s reputation, client references, building management, environment, amenities, materials used or the flat’s orientation – these are just some of the elements that are factored into the choice of a new home apart from the price. Buyers’ requirements in Slovakia have changed radically over the past ten years. We discussed changing consumer behaviour with Michal Pauer from CRESCO REAL ESTATE, a development company that stands behind the largest residential area constructed in Slovakia since the 1989 Revolution – Slnečnice in Bratislava:

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CRESCO REAL ESTATE supported the unique DAAD festival

We want to bring architecture as close to the people as possible - not only through our development projects. CRESCO REAL ESTATE also supports interesting events, which is why we decided this year to be a partner of a great festival - Days of architecture and design 2019 DAAD that celebrates architecture, design and art.

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CITY FORUM: How to make Bratislava better?

City Forum 2019 is the first Czech-Slovak professional conference on well-functioning cities. It will be organised on 19 June 2019 in Stará tržnica, Bratislava under the auspices of the city mayor Matúš Vallo. Juraj Benetin of Compass Architekti and Slovenian architect Vasa Perovič of Bevk Perovic studio will also join the speakers and panellists. Both prominent experts have cooperated with CRESCO REAL ESTATE on the Slnečnice residential district.

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CRESCO GROUP confirms its position as the leader of the new buildings market, changing its name and logo

CRESCO GROUP, the strongest residential developer in Slovakia, sold a record 728 newly constructed flats last year in its projects. The biggest new housing project in Slovakia - Slnečnice in Bratislava - accounts for 95% of those flats. Interest in the new neighbourhood registered a year-on-year increase of almost 25%. Every fifth to sixth flat sold in a newly constructed building in the capital was attributed to Slnečnice.

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