CRESCO GROUP supported Slovak architectural talents

The biggest residential developer in Slovakia CRESCO GROUP supported talented students of architecture. The students of the Faculty of Architecture STU in Bratislava, led by the teachers from the Institute of Architecture of Public Buildings FA STU, could participate in the design of architectural and artistic beautification of four roundabouts in the new Slnečnice city district in Petržalka, Bratislava. The projects were evaluated by a jury comprised of faculty representatives, the developer CRESCO GROUP as well as architectural studio Compass - the author of Slnečnice. The developer distributed EUR 5,000 to the authors of the top ten solutions.

The students of all grades could design architectural objects or art installations and beautify the roundabouts. The future architects were also given detailed information on technical constraints, such as existing on-site engineering networks or traffic limits. “Our goal is to support and develop young talents in the field of architecture over the long term. Such tasks will teach students to put their theoretical knowledge into practice. The future architects will learn how various limitations in the terrain such as speed limits or the existing electrical grids can influence their creative work. Such limitations can significantly change their idea during the preparation. We believe that such activities will give the future successful students of architecture an opportunity to broaden their talent and skills. We would like to continue in such activities in the future,” stated Ján Krnáč, Managing Director of CRESCO GROUP in Slovakia.

The developer awarded each of the authors of the ten solutions to beautify the roundabouts in the amount of EUR 200.  At the same time, the jury selected the best five from the proposals. Their authors received a special award of EUR 600. In total, the company supported the young talents with EUR 5,000.

“The presentation of the students’ designs was very interesting. For students the training to present their proposals is very important. I am pleased that some of the designs were excellent,” assessed Juraj Benetin, an architect and the co-owner of architectural studio COMPASS Atelier in Bratislava, that also designed the Slnečnice project.

The faculty also appreciates the opportunity to connect the academic environment with practice via preparation of designs for the developer CRESCO GROUP: I welcome any opportunity to involve students into real tasks during their studies. The faculty, by its academic nature, will never sufficiently prepare them for real practice. And it is this form of workshop tied to a real assignment that naturally teaches the student to develop such a substantial part of each architect's knowledge - to listen to an investor, understand him and find solutions that give real and sufficient answers to the questions of all stakeholders - investors, users and the environment. I appreciate that such strong developer like CRESCO GROUP is interested in listening to the opinion of the students. I enjoy such opportunities and I want to express my gratitude for such a great opportunity to open the doors to practice for the students,” added the university representative and a member of the jury Ing. arch. Jozef Bátor, PhD, from the Institute of Architecture of Public Buildings at the Faculty of Architecture STU in Bratislava. 

The best five solutions:

  1. Sára Pavlová
  2. Lucia Papierníková, Natasia Nosková,
  3. Paulína Homolová, Tomáš Perďoch (special credit for artistic impression)
  4. Lucia Barančoková, Miriam Butková (special credit for overall impression)
  5. Terezia Tomková, Miriam Almanová

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