Sunflowers Above the City– a new view of housing, a new view of the city

Future owners of the new 1,500 flats and 42 apartments in the new Sunflowers Above the City project (*the original Slovak name of the project is "Slnečnice Nad mestom”) will be able to enjoy unique views of Bratislava as well as the proximity of a park. We are launching the sale of the first 165 flats in the largest and highest part of Sunflowers so far. Sunflowers – City Zone will thus grow by five residential high-rise buildings and three lower residential buildings. There will also be open courtyards with greenery where neighbours can spend their free time. Life in Sunflowers will be greener also thanks to the public park, which will be the second park in Sunflowers and with its 29,000 m2 the second largest in Petržalka.

Anyone can choose

In the first stage the offer will include 567 flats, while the total number of flats in the project Sunflowers Above the City is 1,500. You can choose from a range of one to four-room flats ranging in size from 27 to 90 m2. The average price per m2 will be EUR 3,275 excluding VAT.

For the most demanding clients, we will also offer exclusive penthouses on the top floors of high-rise buildings in the later stages. "This stage of Sunflowers is unique – we are going high to give space to green and public areas. From the beginning, Sunflowers – City Zone had the ambition to be something of a "downtown" district. I believe it will appeal to a wide range of clients. High-rise buildings belong in the city and we see this in the city centre but also in other parts of Bratislava. Sunflowers is a proven concept – the proof of quality public spaces and green inner courtyards is right at the fingertips of future residents. They can visit the completed part of the district at any time and make up their own minds," adds Peter Murín, Senior Development Manager at CRESCO REAL ESTATE.

The view from the residential buildings will take your breath away

Visit Sunflowers Above the City flats in VR and see for yourself. The landmarks of Bratislava, the City Zone and the Viladomy Zone in Sunflowers, as well as nearby Austria – this is what the future residents will see when looking out of the window. The panorama from the balcony as well as the comfort of life will be enhanced by a large green park directly below the windows, which will be the second largest in Petržalka with its area of 29,000 m2 after the Janko Kráľ Park. The whole new part of Sunflowers will be a unique place for life, entertainment and relaxation. "We are delighted that just in the middle of the realization of our Sunflowers project in Bratislava Petržalka, we can present the most anticipated part with unique views – Sunflowers Above the City. Thanks to the tall buildings we can use the surrounding space for greenery, amenities and infrastructure," reveals Ján Krnáč, Executive Director of CRESCO REAL ESTATE in Bratislava.

Continuous balconies as a balance of indoor and outdoor living

In the Sunflowers Above the City project, we collaborated with architects from Compass Architects studio, who have designed almost all of the Sunflowers district so far. Once again, we have added continuous balconies with fixed elements to the facades of the new residential buildings, which can be seen almost in the entire Sunflowers project.

In total, there will be five 14 to 24-storey towers with another three 8-storey buildings built in the U-shape with inner courtyards. "The concept has been chosen with a view to maximising public space. This new residential space will be in close contact with the large urban park in the City Zone. Unique views of the surrounding area as well as the Bratislava skyline and the Little Carpathians are a huge benefit. Life is much more pleasant with a view from above," explains architect Juraj Benetin from Compass Architects studio in Bratislava.

The construction of Sunflowers Above the City is planned to be divided into six stages. We want to start the construction of the first one with two taller buildings and one block by the end of 2022.

For more information about Sunflowers as well as the new Sunflowers Above the City project, please visit www.slnecnice.sk

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