Company Profile

Since established in 1992 the company Cresco Group completed many successful real estate development projects. Although most of them are located in Bratislava, the company is currently spreading its activity to other regions in Slovakia and abroad. During years of its existence Cresco Group became a well-established and respected company signed under courageous large projects that are changing the character of the capital and co-create new higher standards of living.


Main activity of the company is construction of residential complexes. We approach every new project and its execution as an extraordinary artwork. We emphasise aesthetical value of the building, its logical setting into the environment, practical functionality of the premises and the surrounding, whereas we significantly care for safety. Meeting high criteria on technological execution is an essential part of completion of each project. We always aim to establish a full-value home, whereas the criteria for design, quality, functionality and safety are equal. This applies to the above-standard and luxurious residences as well as to appartments for young families with friendly prices.


Traditional part of the portfolio of Cresco Group is construction of administrative and multifunctional objects. Even here we apply our philosophy of high criteria being set on aesthetic value, practical usage and first-class execution. Commercial projects attract significant group of clients from national as well as international companies.

The third stage of Viladomy zone construction

The third stage of Viladomy zone construction brings to the Slnečnice location attractive housing in the close vicinity of the park, offering attractive apartments with front yard gardens and generously large balconies and terraces.